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Welcome to the digital portfolio of Digital Media 305. Here, you will find a showcase of our diverse communication campaigns, expert copywriting services, valuable resources of interest, and inspiring success stories.

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Marketing Portfolio DIGITAL

Our portfolio highlights comprehensive communication solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. Explore our work to see how Digital Media 305 can elevate your brand’s presence and engage your audience effectively. Whether you need innovative campaign strategies or captivating content, Digital Media 305 is your trusted partner in digital communication excellence.

Communication Campaigns

Coaching People With Special Needs

Ani Peres

Teaching Students with Special Needs, Limitations

The “Coaching People with Special Needs” platform offers a comprehensive resource for individuals working with special needs populations. This initiative provides access to tools, information, and resources from a growing network of professionals, delivered through online “how-to” audio/video segments and best-practice experiences.

The platform is designed for a diverse audience, including teachers, coaches, social workers, families, health professionals, and ESE (Exceptional Student Education) professionals. Its aim is to support anyone engaged in the care and education of individuals with special needs.

The “Coaching People with Special Needs” project has made a significant contribution to the field of special needs education and support. Through its innovative use of online resources and a strong professional network, it provides valuable tools and knowledge to those dedicated to improving the lives of individuals with special needs. The successful completion of this project in 2022, backed by a 2021 grant, marks it as a noteworthy achievement in the realm of special education and support services.

digital marketing portfolio


We train you to creatively manage autism!

Novopiel Cream

Marketing Digital Portfolio


Project Size: $9,000 to $60,000
Geographic area: UNITED STATES

Novopiel Cream Campaign

Novopiel Cream is a topical vitamin supplement for the skin, developed by a pediatrician, and known for its excellent results (note: it is not FDA approved). The client aimed to enhance sales and effectively reach the Hispanic market, leveraging the product’s ease of application and proven benefits.

To address this, we devised a comprehensive YouTube strategy, focusing on organic positioning. Our campaign revolved around the concept that Novopiel is “the supplement that every Mom has at home.” This approach capitalized on the credibility and trust associated with maternal endorsement, suggesting that if mothers prefer it, it’s beneficial for their children.

RESULTS: An increase of more than 67,000 from November to April, the first eight months of the campaign.

digital marketing portfolio


The vitamin supplement that every cautious mother has at home!

Secretos de Salud (Health Secrets)



Project Size: $10,000 to $50,000
Geographic area: UNITED STATES

"Secretos de Salud" Campaign

“Secretos de Salud” (Health Secrets), produced by Alxi Services Community, is a compelling video series offering medical tips and insights specifically focused on autism and attention deficit disorders in children. This project was targeted at the Spanish-speaking community in the United States, addressing a crucial need for accessible, culturally relevant health information.

Dr Marino Molina MD

Distribution and Reach:

The series was broadcasted through prominent platforms such as DirecTV and Time Warner, featuring on channels like Estudio 5 and Canal SUR. This ensured a wide reach within the Spanish-speaking audience, maximizing the impact and accessibility of the content.

Content Focus:

The videos in “Secretos de Salud” provided valuable medical advice and practical tips for managing autism and attention deficit disorders in children. By addressing these specific health concerns, the series offered much-needed support and guidance to families and caregivers in the Hispanic community.

Target Audience:

The primary audience for this campaign was the Spanish-speaking community in the United States. The series was designed to be culturally relevant and accessible, ensuring that the information was not only informative but also relatable and easy to understand for its target demographic.

Impact and Benefits:

 • Educational Value: The series delivered high-quality, practical medical tips that helped families and caregivers better understand and manage autism and attention deficit disorders in children.

Community Support: By airing on widely accessible channels, “Secretos de Salud” fostered a sense of community and support among Spanish-speaking viewers, providing them with reliable information and resources.

Cultural Relevance: The focus on Spanish-language content ensured that the information was presented in a culturally appropriate manner, making it more effective and engaging for the target audience.

Health Secrets

“Secretos de Salud” is a noteworthy initiative by Alxi Services Community, successfully addressing a critical health information gap within the Spanish-speaking community in the United States. The series’ focus on autism and attention deficit disorders, coupled with its wide distribution on DirecTV and Time Warner, made it a valuable resource for families and caregivers. Through its culturally relevant and accessible content, “Secretos de Salud” has made a significant positive impact on its audience, enhancing their knowledge and ability to manage these conditions effectively.

digital marketing portfolio


Little pills of knowledge to help the Hispanic family in their adaptation process to a new culture

Growth Hacking

Growth hacking is a marketing strategy focused on rapid experimentation across various channels and product development to identify the most effective and efficient ways to grow a business. Unlike traditional marketing, which often relies on established methods and long-term campaigns, growth hacking emphasizes innovative, scalable, and cost-effective tactics to achieve explosive growth.

How to grow a Plastic Surgery Clinic from scratch?

Zion Plastic Surgery a case study

Growth campaign

Project Size: $5,000 to $105,000
Geographic area: United States

Zion plastic surgery growth hacking

In September 2020, Digital Media 305 was commissioned to develop a comprehensive communication strategy for a Plastic Surgery clinic in South Florida, one of the world’s most competitive markets for plastic surgery. At the project’s inception, the clinic had only its name established.

hacking growth

Market Analysis and Strategy:

Our market analysis, focusing on search trends in SERPs, revealed an untapped opportunity: potential new patients who had never engaged with the plastic surgery sector. We centered our campaign on the theme “A Change in Your Lifestyle,” targeting individuals who had not yet considered cosmetic surgery as a solution and were thus unfamiliar with typical clinic advertising.

Microsegmentation Approach:

Our market analysis, focusing on search trends in SERPs, revealed an untapped opportunity: potential new patients who had never engaged with the plastic surgery sector. We centered our campaign on the theme “A Change in Your Lifestyle,” targeting individuals who had not yet considered cosmetic surgery as a solution and were thus unfamiliar with typical clinic advertising.


 • Achieved over 46,000 monthly impressions.
• Generated 4,400 clicks on the website’s content.
• Secured top positions for 16 web pages.
• Attained an average position of 4.9.
• After six months, the Clinic’s numbers were already in positive numbers.
• All results were realized within the first 8 months, driven by an informational content strategy.

This strategic campaign effectively introduced the Plastic Surgery clinic to a previously overlooked segment of potential patients, establishing a strong digital presence and achieving impressive results in a highly competitive market in the first years of the project.

digital marketing portfolio


It is not just cosmetic surgery; it is a "change in your lifestyle."

Video Content

Video is one of the most powerful forms of content on the internet, especially when we understand the search intent of our target audience. With a search participation rate of 60% to 70% and a high click-through rate (CTR), video is an ideal medium for reaching a larger audience. Discover the best video communication strategies today, backed by real results.

Public Adjusters Video Content Strategy:


Project Size: $5,000 to $25,000
Geographic area: Florida

Alconero Public Adjuster

Gathering testimonials from business owners offers tremendous value by delivering genuine, real-world insights and endorsements that enhance trust, credibility, and a positive reputation for your business. In this instance, we delve into how Alconero Public Adjusters can assist you throughout your insurance claim process.

In this brand video, we follow the team at Alconero Public Adjusters to showcase the essential work they perform daily. Typically, the public who engage with Alconero Public Adjuster Services visit the website with an “informational” search intent. However, once they enter the marketing funnel, their intent shifts to “transactional” as they progress through the “Customer Journey” within the company’s marketing funnel.

We created a series of videos to demonstrate the effectiveness of the firm’s services and highlight the benefits experienced by clients. These videos aim to promote the idea that “Insurance can pay you what you are entitled to if you hire the Right Public Adjuster.” By showcasing real success stories and tangible results, we emphasize the importance of choosing the right professional to handle your insurance claims.

digital marketing portfolio


Insurance can pay you what you are entitled to, if you hire the Right Public Adjuster.

Video Content for Book Promotion.


Project Size: $5,000 to $15,000
Geographic area: Global
English – Spanish

Becoming Einstein's Teacher

“Becoming Einstein’s Teacher” is a book by Erika Twani. As an expert in interrelational education, Erika Twani understands the necessity of making a paradigm shift in the education of our children. 

This video content aims to promote her book by showcasing a new perspective on education that focuses on readers.

This campaign included promotional videos, content for social media, Amazon PPC, mailing and publication in traditional media and collaborations with influencers.

Teaching is more than just a profession; it’s a calling that empowers educators to unlock the boundless potential within their students. The true essence of learning isn’t found in the school’s location, the curriculum, the latest app, or the grading system. What truly ignites a lifelong passion for learning is understanding and implementing an effective learning process. Dedicated teachers who grasp this concept can profoundly impact their students’ lives and, in doing so, contribute to creating a better world.

digital marketing portfolio


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