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There are many benefits to using SEM in your marketing strategy:

1- Detailed reports of the scope and effectiveness of our SEM ad campaign
2- Controlled campaign spending thanks to the PPC
3- Follow-up on objectives in real time allows us to adapt to any unfavorable circumstance and adjust the campaign’s budget at any time.
4- Segmentation of our efforts towards a qualified and interest-motivated audience gives us a better ROI (return on investment) and improves conversion metrics.
5- Immediate visibility for the search platform where the SEM is carried out
6- Campaign targeting based on objectives
7- Geolocation and greater diversity of devices where SEM campaigns can be executed

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No two businesses are the same, so no two PPC marketing strategies should be the same. DigitalMedia 305’s PPC plans are customized to fit your individual company’s needs and make it relatable to your customers.
We understand that your money is on the line and so we treat your account like it is our own, and DigitalMedia 365 works with you to decide what combination of PPC tools best suits your needs.

Drive more predictable new Leads inquiries

Qualify Leads more effectively

Track missed calls

increase inquiry-to-booking conversion rates

Ninety Percent Of The Search Engine Market Share In The United States Is Owned By Google

With this in mind, our team is certified in Google Ads so that we can offer you all of the features this invaluable tool offers, knowing in advance what approximate results will be produced.
Digital Media 365 uses SEM to maximize the visibility of your product or service within the country’s most popular search engine, while keeping the advertising minimally invasive (no one likes annoying ads). We will plan your campaigns and optimize them for the highest possible ROI so that you sell more and generate more traffic for less investment.

We Are Google Partners

Google Partners is a badge or seal that Google gives to those who have passed a product certification exam on the Google Ads advertising platform.
The certificate is only valid for one year, and our SEO experts must re-certify themselves annually to ensure up-to-date business practices and strategies.

The Last Thirty Days in Numbers !

Source: Google Analytics Account | Google Adwords Profile | Plastic Surgery Market

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An SEM Agency Can Help You In The Following Ways:

– Analyzing your target audience, determining which strategy and platform will best fit your goals and budget.
– Selecting the advertising format most appropriate to your interests.
– Segmenting the target audience, we can define characteristics such as location, gender, and interests that will help us obtain more qualified traffic and conversions.
– SEM campaign scope and performance monitoring can be redirected at any time, if necessary.

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