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In the ever-evolving landscape of digital storytelling, Digital Media 305 boasts over 15 years of unparalleled expertise. Trusted by industry giants like Apple, Spotify, and Top Gear, we understand the immense potential of YouTube. Our dedicated services ensure your brand not only establishes a presence but thrives with compelling, high-quality content that effectively conveys your narrative. We strategically target viewers at every stage of their buyer’s journey.


Digital Storytelling Expertise

Unlock the Power of YouTube

With an astonishing 60 billion monthly visitors, YouTube stands as a powerhouse for brand development. Discover some staggering YouTube statistics that we can’t help but share:

-By 2025, over half of viewers under 32 won’t subscribe to traditional pay TV services.
-68% of YouTube users rely on videos to make informed purchasing decisions.
-Users spend more than an hour daily watching YouTube videos on their mobile devices.
-YouTube now surpasses cable networks in reaching 18-34 and 18-49-year-old audiences in the U.S.

YouTube Consulting

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Our 5-Phase Roadmap to Success

At Digital Media 305, we’ve meticulously designed a 5-phase roadmap to grow your YouTube channel from scratch to 1000 subscribers. Our approach prioritizes innovative methods to attract and engage your target audience throughout the journey:

YouTube Experts

Phase 1 – Setup (Month 1): Craft your channel’s brand identity, including name, artwork, description, video openers, links, and more.
Phase 2 – Filming Begins: Execute topic research and produce, edit, and publish your initial videos.
Phase 3 – Content Strategy Execution: Focus on audience growth strategies to reach the crucial 1000-subscriber milestone for YouTube monetization.
Phase 4 – Analysis and Optimization: Leverage accumulated data on audience, watch time, and subscribers to fine-tune content and monetization strategies.
Phase 5 – Continued Monetization Drive: Introduce new content types and revenue streams to expand your audience and income.

Long-term content

Maximizing Return On Investment

YouTube content isn’t an expense; it’s a gateway to limitless revenue streams for creators and businesses alike. Explore a wealth of opportunities, from ad revenue to sponsorships, making it a savvy and profitable investment for sustainable growth and success.

YouTube Expert

Diverse Revenue Streams

Subscription Models

Sales Conversions

Grow your revenue 49% faster with YouTube videos in your marketing

Database Control

Strategic data-driven decision-making

Advertising Revenue

Earn from AdSense and in-video product placements

Organic Traffic

Increase website and social media visits through engaging YouTube content.


Expand your reach through influencer partnerships.

Proof of Concept

Use your productions as practical evidence for TV show pilot inquiries


Establish your brand and attract sponsors.

Choose Digital Media 305 to navigate the digital landscape effectively, harnessing the immense potential of YouTube for your brand’s success.

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