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Plastic Surgery Leads

Best Ways to Generate Leads for Plastic Surgery: The Inside Scoop

When you think of lucrative sectors for Google Ads, insurance, pharmaceuticals, lawyers, and financial services might come to mind. But did you know plastic surgery is right up there with them? It’s no surprise that there’s a complex web surrounding the plastic surgery sector, making its effectiveness harder to gauge. Thankfully, Google Ads isn’t the only way to generate leads in the plastic surgery industry, though it’s one of the quickest. This article shares insights from our decade-long experience as a media agency specializing in medical leads.


Miami is a hotspot for top-notch aesthetic results. It’s not uncommon for a surgeon here to perform over eight surgeries a day on average. With such a bustling beauty and glamour scene, the city is a magnet for both surgeons looking to boost their earnings and patients chasing their dream body. This dynamic puts clinics under pressure to stand out amidst the soaring demand for cosmetic procedures. Consequently, clinic owners often squeeze their profit margins, inevitably leading to more surgeries per day.

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Understanding Plastic Surgery Leads

Leads, or potential patients, are crucial to keep up with this fast-paced environment. Many local clinics turn to Google Ads, a bidding tool where clicks go to the highest bidder with the most coherent strategy in line with Google’s algorithm. Remember, this tool is a cash cow for Google. So, it’s essential to remember that its priority is profitability – for Google, not advertisers. Advertisers often grapple with invalid clicks, cost-per-click spikes, term penalties, impression drops, and even competitor attacks.

Leads para Cirugia Plastica

How to Generate Leads for Plastic Surgery: A Glimpse into Methods and Strategies

From our vantage point as a Google Partner agency, we’ve seen many clinics enter the fray, only to bow out because they couldn’t keep up with the investment or lacked a sustainable strategy to stay relevant. Google Ads can be a costly illusion. You’ll get plastic surgery leads as long as you bid for better positions and, of course, keep investing. Simultaneously, there are other options like social media marketing for plastic surgeons and advertising programs such as Facebook Ads, Instagram, and lately, TikTok. However, their conversion rates are generally lower than Google Ads, making them more of the same cost-per-click (CPC) based systems.

Plastic Surgery Marketing

In this mad dash, many often overlook age-old plastic surgery marketing principles from the pre-digital era, like customer loyalty, lead nurturing, and after-sales service. These principles are as relevant today, if not more, than ever.

Medical Leads and the Art of Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is the process of building relationships with potential patients at various stages of their buying journey. Not every prospect walking into a clinic is ready for surgery right away. While many are, a significant number aren’t. This latter group requires what we’d typically call a “maturation process.” Due to the fast-paced nature of the industry, this process often gets overlooked, leading to high bounce rates, especially from pay-per-click (PPC) ads. In our experience, the lack of a proper nurturing strategy results in millions of dollars lost annually on Google Ads, Facebook [Meta], Instagram, and to a lesser extent, TikTok.

To wrap up, while Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads are fantastic paid platforms to drive traffic and prospects, they should always be complemented by search engine optimization for plastic surgeons for your website or websites.

Artificial Intelligence and Plastic Surgery Leads

If you’re living in the same world as we are, you’ve undoubtedly heard about Artificial Intelligence (AI) in recent years. AI, or machine learning, is a global trend impacting all facets of human life. Innovations like Chat GPT by OpenAI, Llama2 by MetaAI, and Bard by Google have transformed the business landscape, and plastic surgery is no exception. AI proves invaluable in database management (turning 100 clients into 2,500, for instance), lead nurturing, predictive analysis, and more. These new developments have shown incredible efficiency in streamlining the process of attracting, retaining, and managing clients, enhancing the return on advertising investment by automating most processes. Here, you can try out a customer service chatbot based on machine learning, which is starting to be used in customer care and retention schemes. (Give it a go! Ask anything about online marketing and SEO.)

Artificial Intelligence

The Crucial Role of Digital Marketing in Lead Generation

Digital marketing for plastic surgeons is necessary to devise strategies that maximize the return on advertising investment while ensuring sustainable growth for the company. In this context, a lead is more than just a potential client; it’s valuable data. Along with many other data points, it feeds the AI systems that perform predictive analysis, crucial for decision-making.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 1.8 million plastic surgery procedures were performed in the U.S. in 2020, with 12.6% of these procedures taking place in Florida. The demand is there. It’s not about how much you invest, but about finding the right strategy to establish a workflow that gets you leads for plastic surgery at the lowest possible cost.

Plastic Surgery Leads - FAQ

What is the ideal investment in Google Ads or PPC advertising?

To gain traction and break inertia, it is ideal to balance the investment between 80% and 20%. Where 80% goes to PPC advertising [Google Ads] and the remaining 20% to boost organic positioning.

How can I speed up the organic positioning process?

Google in its patent referring to the positioning of new domains from scratch establishes between a period of one and a half and two years. The truth is that with very specific strategies and in optimal conditions, a Web can be positioned at least in some parts of it gradually, making these parts contribute to positioning the rest. But remember that the SERP is a constantly evolving process and at least every ninety days things can change completely.

Does Investment in Google Ads [PPC] help organic positioning?

No, in fact, Analytics registers organic traffic as “paid traffic” and separates it from organic traffic. But with paid traffic strategies as well as Social traffic [Social-Media] you can boost organic traffic.

What is the optimal investment point in Google ads?

The sweet spot is 80% – 20%. 80% investment in organic traffic and 20% Google Ads or PPC.

What is the difference between organic traffic and paid traffic [Google Ads - Social Networks]

  • Paid traffic maintains your earned positions as long as you keep paying, once you stop paying your positions are immediately lost.
  • Organic traffic is maintained over time, for free, as long as good SEO practices maintain the health of the Web. But this organic traffic takes time to gain traction.

Why can organic traffic be cheaper than traffic from Google Ads or PPC?

Google Ads traffic or PPC traffic comes from an auction where traffic is channeled according to a monetary offer, related to specific offers of products or services. Organic traffic comes from resolving a search intent. We are more relevant to the extent that we manage to satisfy a user’s search intention and at the same time this satisfaction sends signals to Google about the quality of the content we offer and from there the positioning is generated. Organic traffic works by “contagion” if you are relevant, the more problems you solve and the more people come, paid traffic shows our results depending on the investment and the time we keep investing. This is why organic traffic tends to be considerably cheaper.

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